My travel Bucket list

I thought I would begin my diary of epic adventures with a small Bucket list…

For those of you that don’t know what a Bucket list is, it is simply a list of things that one wants to do before they die. It doesn’t have to be to do with travel. Whether you want to become prime minister one day or simply learn a new language, a bucket list is a way to write those goals down with the dream of one day them becoming a reality.

Now you could say I have gotten a little carried away with this (as I do everything!). But I reckon I’ve got at least a good 10 years on me until my body clock starts telling me ‘it’s time to settle the heck down woman!’

Most of the content is to do with travelling, with a few random ones thrown in. Anything I do along my travels that are not on my list but I deem worthy to be on my list, will go on it.

So without Further ado this my friends, is my Bucket list…

Famous landmarks

Visit the temple of Angkor Wat, Siam Reap, Cambodia
– Visit the Taj Mahal, India
– Walk the Great Wall of China
– Trek Machu Picchu Peru, South America
– See the Northern Lights in Iceland
– Visit the Grand canyon Arizona, America
– Visit Auschwitz, Poland
– Stand on the top of the Eiffel tower, France
– Stand beside Christ the redeemer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
– Dive the Great Barrier Reef
– Visit Victoria falls, Africa and Niagara falls, Canada
– Visit Disneyland, Florida
– Have tea at the Ritz, London
– Explore the Great Pyramid of Giza
– Visit an Ice hotel, Sweden
– Visit Rome and Venice

New skills

Become competent at climbing
Learn to ski
– Learn a new language
– Learn to snowboard
Try slack roping
– Learn to sail
– Learn to surf


– Do a Ski season in Canada
Ride an Elephant
– Sky dive
Volunteer abroad
– Bungee jump
Watch the sunset and sunrise in a beautiful place
Go on an African Safari
– Go to Glastonbury Music festival, UK
– Spend the night in a desert
– Swim with dolphins (not in a park!)
– Visit a nudist beach….. Naked
– Camp on a deserted Island
Attend a Full moon party in Koh Phangan, Thailand
– Cuddle an Orangutan
– Attend a Carnival in Brazil
– Go to the Olympics
– See a grizzly bear in the wild
Experience Thai New year
– Go white water rafting
– Go Horseback Riding in America
– Go skinny dipping
– Hang Glide
– Get Passionate About a Cause
– Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia
– Chase a Tornado
– Go whale watching
– Ride in a Helicopter
– Work on an authentic ranch in America
– Go to a German Christmas market
Dive a shipwreck

Challenges and achievements

– Travel across Route 66
– Go shark cage diving (challenging because I’m S**T scared of sharks!
– Climb a big ass mountain
– Climb a Volcano
– Walk the Inca trail
– Complete a physically demanding challenge in aid of charity
– Hike through the Amazon Rainforest
Travel through a country via motorbike – TopGear style
– Run the London marathon, UK
– Complete the tough guy challenge, UK
Get my diving certificate

So not much really 🙂

1 thought on “My travel Bucket list

  1. Can I just say that I adore you and you are fabulous! Not only in what your dreams are, but the humility in which you approach them with. You are a fabulous writer and you have a hear the size of Texas…yup, that big! I really want to see you succeed in all of these goals! I really enjoyed your blog!

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